Venture off the beaten path in a 4×4

Four-wheel drive vehicles, or 4x4s, are ideal for off-roading enthusiasts. They make it possible to explore terrain that would be impassable in a standard vehicle. Although equipped with all-wheel drive, you can also switch to two-wheel drive when needed. Keep in mind that 4x4s are heavy and tend to use a lot of gas. However, applying the clutch can provide significant savings.

Moreover, 4x4s have a differential lock system that allows you to drive on gravel and dirt roads, steep slopes and rough terrain. The differential lock forces all the wheels to spin at the same speed, which can help you get out of deep mud, sand or snow. If you have a taste for adventure, like to travel off the beaten path and want a rugged vehicle that’ll get you where you want to go, a 4×4 is your best ally.

If you want to traverse uneven terrain and obstacles with ease, you must ensure your four-wheel drive vehicle is regularly maintained. The team at Mister Muffler will inspect your vehicle and ensure it’s ready to tackle anything.

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