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Our mechanics undergo a rigorous training in order to become state-of-the-art technology specialists. They understand your reality as a motorist, your aspirations and your constraints.

See how our network of 360 Mechanics contributes to the quality of our service on a daily basis, in addition to offering you a wide selection of auto parts at competitive prices.


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Tires and mags

At Mister Muffler, tires are serious business!

Proof is in the pudding! Mister Muffler holds one of the country’s largest catalogs of leading tire brands. With competitive prices, unparalleled service and good advice that only our 360 Mechanics can provide you with; see why hundreds of thousands of customers trust us year after year for the purchase and installation of their tires.

No matter what your vehicle’s make or model is, you can trust our 360 Mechanics!

Questions & answers


The tire pressure light suddenly lit up on my dashboard. What does it mean? Is it serious?

The tire pressure light, generally represented by an exclamation mark in a circular pictogram, goes on when a significant tire pressure drop is detected by your vehicle. Even though you should seriously think of verifying your tire pressure as soon as this light goes on, you are not necessarily facing a major problem. However, if the light starts blinking, you must safely immobilize your vehicle and communicate with a technician. A blinking tire pressure light indicates that the low tire pressure is dangerous and could cause tread separation and threaten your safety.


Why is it essential to change from winter to summer tires?

Even though it is mandatory in some provinces to equip your vehicle with winter tires by December 1st, there are no laws forbidding you from changing them for summer tires when the warm weather returns. However, the absence of regulation does not mean it is safe to drive with winter tires in July. As a matter of fact, winter tires are made from a compound specifically designed for use in cold weather. Thus the elasticity of your winter tire and its sole designed to adhere to the snowy road will prove to be very inconvenient in summer and their softness may endanger your braking.

TIRE BLOWOUT In Case of Tire Blowout

How should I handle a tire blowout?

The first thing to do is to change your tire or make a temporary repair using an emergency tire repair kit. On the market, there are several types of emergency tire repair kits available at low cost. If you have a spare tire, you can also directly address the problem with a jack, a wrench and a little elbow grease. Make safety a priority. Use traffic cones or ‘‘warning triangles’’ to secure a safe parameter around your vehicle. Once the spare tire is into place or temporarily repaired, go quickly to the nearest technician.

If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself or do not have an emergency tire repair kit, call a towing service.

Once out of this bad situation, you must either buy a new tire or repair the flat tire. It is appropriate to seek advice from a professional who will be able to tell you if your tire is repairable or not.

If the tire is worn out, no need to repair the flat, it’s better to replace your tire immediately. Note that depending of wear of the tire, it is recommended to replace tires in pairs. That way car will remain well-balanced.