How do you maintain the soft top of your convertible before winter?

As the cold season approaches, it’s important to take the necessary steps to properly store your convertible, especially if it has a soft top.

The roof should first be cleaned with a soap designed specifically for your type of vehicle to capture the particles that have penetrated the canvas during the summer. If the fabric or vinyl roof has stains, it is important to use a soft or foam brush to avoid damaging it. It should then be rinsed thoroughly to remove dirt and contaminants. This step is ideal for inspecting the fabric or vinyl for leaks caused by breakage or premature wear and tear.

When the vehicle is completely dry, a treatment and a water repellent protection products should be applied to the entire roof surface – this should be repeated a few times a year.

For maintenance and repair advice, visit your Mister Muffler repair shop! 

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