Adjusting tire pressure: an essential task

Regularly checking the air pressure in your tires is a simple gesture that can save you a lot of inconvenience, the main one being to find yourself with a puncture that could compromise your safety. In addition, adequate air pressure reduces fuel consumption while preventing premature wear of certain components of your car. These are all good reasons to do something about it!

How to proceed?

The pressure recommended by the manufacturer is written either on the driver’s side door, in the vehicle manual or on the fuel tank door. Once you have clarified this, proceed as follows:

  • Wait until your car has been parked for a few hours (the pressure should be “cold”);
  • Remove the valve cap from each tire before inserting a digital or dial gauge;
  • If the air pressure is slightly low, go to a service station to inflate your tires or use an air compressor (be careful not to exceed the recommended pressure by checking as you go);
  • If the pressure is abnormally low, it probably hides a larger problem, such as a leak. If this is the case, go to a Mister Muffler repair shop right away!

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