Get extra rims for winter!

Need to buy new winter tires soon? My professional advice is to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a set of extra rims. Believe it or not, there are many advantages to this investment!

Simplified changes

First of all, mandatory tire changes twice a year are much easier and quicker (and less expensive!) because your mechanic has pre-mounted tires on hand. Of course, you won’t save money the first time – new rims aren’t cheap – but in the long run, you’ll be proud to have made this choice… and your wallet will thank you for it!

Longer lifespan

In addition, the more tires are handled, the more they tend to wear out. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Therefore, having separate winter and summer rim sets prevents the quality of your tires from deteriorating prematurely during the March and December tire changes.

Protected rims

Finally, if you had bought superb luxury rims for the summer, you will keep them safe from the bad weather and other rigours of winter (ex.: de-icing salts, freezing and thawing) by getting quality, but more modest, rims for the cold season. This is an ideal solution if you rely on the prestigious look of your mags to resell your car in the future! For tires and rims to match, come to Mister Muffler!

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