Brake calipers: ah, the famous calipers!

After inspecting your vehicle, your mechanic tells you that your calipers (brake calipers) should be replaced because they are worn or deformed? Don’t take this information lightly, because everything related to your braking system is crucial to your safety on the road!

The caliper is a part connected to the brake pedal of your car by a hydraulic system. Thus, the brake fluid is in a cable connecting the pedal to the caliper through a hermetically sealed system. When you depress the brake pedal, the action of your foot compresses the fluid. Thanks to pistons located in the caliper, this pressure is transformed into mechanical force, which creates a movement. This movement is the “friction” of the brake pads with the brake disc, causing your vehicle to slow down.

In addition, there are 2 types of calipers:

  1. Floating (or sliding): the inner pad is brought to lean against the disc by one or more pistons, while the outer pad receives the pressure thanks to a sliding system linking the 2 pads (light and inexpensive, these are the most popular calipers);
  • Fixed: the brake pads are pushed against the disc with one or more pistons located on each side of the disc (very powerful, fixed calipers are usually found in high performance cars).

In short, the proper functioning of the calipers is essential while driving, as they help manage braking force and stay safe. To make sure your calipers are in good condition, visit a Mister Muffler repair shop!

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