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Founded over 55 years ago, Mister Muffler is a Quebec-based company that has remained a precursor in the automobile industry by bearing in mind a key element to its success: behind every steering is a human being.

This special connection between our franchisees and their clients is underlined by the very high level of brand awareness across the market. In other words, growth can only be matched by public recognition.

Environmental Protection


Mister Muffler is committed to providing eco-friendly technology and management. As a Quebec-based company, we are proud to be engaged in delivering the CLÉ VERTE certification to all of our workshops.

CLÉ VERTE is a reliable tool for motorists when it comes to choosing an environmentally friendly workshop.

Doing business with a CLÉ VERTE-certified workshop guarantees standards and practices that are in line with the environment.
With this certification program, the automotive service industry takes concrete and significant action to raise the bar in terms of sustainable development, in order to meet the specific needs of a constantly more environmentally-conscious clientele. CLÉ VERTE recognizes the efforts and the success of conscientious workshop owners, while enabling motorists to receive “green service” for their vehicle.

Integrity and Respect

Mister Muffler is committed to make all efforts to allow the citizen to take full advantage of the freedom of road transportation. Hence, products and services offered are not only in line with the idea of comfort and safety provided by a vehicle, but correspond above all to the client’s own budget.

Expertise and Impeccable Practices

Mister Muffler is committed to delivering premium quality repair services on vehicles of all makes and models. Our team of 360 Mechanics is committed to building a relationship based on trust with their customers by ensuring an exceptional price/quality ratio and transparent servicing carried out by professionals.