When is a good time for an oil change?

The engine and its components need oil in order to function properly. The principle is relatively simple: any movement of metal parts in the engine could create friction and heat, leading to deformation and degradation of the various parts. Thus, oil serves as a lubricant for parts and as a heat absorber. It is therefore very important to follow the recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer regarding the time between changes and the grade of oil. These grades may vary according to the viscosity of the oil required, as well as the season and the climate in which the car is used.

It is recommended that you let an expert make sure that everything is in order. According to AIA Canada (Automotive Industries Association), choosing your own professional for this maintenance task does not compromise your vehicle’s warranty. To keep your engine in good health for as long as possible, trust the expertise of Mister Muffler and make an appointment with your 360 MECHANIC for your next oil change!

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