How to improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics

Aerodynamics is the study of how air interacts with moving objects. Therefore, it has an impact on driving, especially at high speeds, as it allows your car to behave more predictably. An aerodynamic vehicle also uses less fuel.

Vehicles designed to be aerodynamic have an elongated body, a low frontal area and very few openings (windows and doors). You can retrofit your car with exterior accessories like spoilers, mudguards and fairings to help to reduce its air resistance. Moreover, when towing a trailer, reduce the space between the trailer and your vehicle or use a trailer skirt to minimize fuel consumption.

Several small actions can positively affect your car’s aerodynamics. For example, remove exterior accessories like bicycle and ski racks and storage boxes when not in use and close your windows when driving at high speeds. If your car’s bodywork was damaged in an accident, promptly repair it. Restoring your vehicle’s original shape will limit wind resistance.

Does your vehicle have damage that affects its aerodynamics or your safety? Visit your nearest M 360 Mechanic today.

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