5 tips for your first solo drive

Have you just received your probationary driver’s license and can now drive wherever you like without someone else tagging along? Here are a few tips to make your first solo trip a success.

  • Check the weather forecast before you leave. This will allow you to adapt your braking distance and speed for the conditions.
  • Make yourself comfortable by getting to know your car. Go over where the important buttons are located. You should also adjust your seat, steering wheel and mirrors.
  • Ensure you have all the equipment you need if there’s a problem. This includes a first aid kit, jumper cables, etc.
  • Focus on your actions. Keep your eyes on the road and make sure your cellphone is out of reach and on silent mode. This will prevent you from being tempted to use it while driving. You can respond to your message once you reach your destination.
  • Stay calm and remember the lessons you learned. Trust that you already have the tools you need to drive safely by yourself.

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