Tips for driving in heavy traffic

It’s almost impossible to avoid traffic jams. Here are a few tips to help make your life easier the next time you’re stuck in traffic.

  • Use the zipper merge. This technique requires drivers take turns merging into the single lane at the last minute. This maximizes road capacity and allows traffic to move smoothly.
  • Avoid zigzagging between cars and frequently changing lanes. This behaviour doesn’t save time and increases the risk of an accident. It’s also frustrating for other motorists.
  • Only cross an intersection if your vehicle will fit on the other side. This will prevent you from stopping in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic flow. This rule also applies to pedestrian and uncontrolled crossings.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Cars tend to move slowly in traffic jams. However, since there are more vehicles on the road, you’re at an increased risk of getting into a collision.

You must be able to rely on your brakes in a traffic jam. Therefore, visit your nearest Mister Muffler to have your brakes inspected and stay safe on the road.

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