How can potholes damage your vehicle?

You will agree that potholes are not uncommon on Quebec roads. Beyond the unpleasant surprise they cause are real dangers for your vehicle. Indeed, several components can be affected during impact: tires, wheel covers, rims, wheels, chassis, platform, steering or suspension parts, shocks… and so on!

Many motorists have the reflex to brake when crossing a pothole, they can’t avoid. A locked wheel is more vulnerable than a moving wheel. Sudden braking transfers the weight of the vehicle forward, putting excessive pressure on the front wheels. Experts have concluded that it is less harmful for your vehicle to slow down and release the brakes before reaching the pothole, while keeping the wheels straight, than to simply brake.

An important tip: make sure your tires are inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations; this allows your car to better absorb the shocks caused by potholes!

Despite all these tips, a pothole has still managed to damage your vehicle? Visit the Mister Muffler repair shop near you!

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