How do you choose the rims for your vehicle?

Whether it’s for practicality or to impress, you shouldn’t choose your wheels with your eyes closed! Before looking for an attractive model that will make you say “wow!”, you need to consider the following elements.

  • Ideally, the diameter of the rims should follow the recommendation of your vehicle’s manufacturer. This measurement can be found on the inside of your door, along with your tire information. While it is sometimes possible to vary the diameter of the rims, too large a difference could affect handling.
  • The width of the rims has a direct effect on the size of the tires that can be fitted on them. A larger rim size can make turning easier, but increases fuel consumption and the risk of hydroplaning.
  • The type of rims (steel, alloy, seasonal, etc.) has an impact on the weight of the part (already influenced by its size) and its durability. For example, some rims are covered with protection to resist calcium spread on the roads.
  • The aesthetics of the rims then depends entirely on your tastes and the effect you wish to produce. Note, however, that some models are more difficult to clean than others.

For the installation of rims or the purchase of tires, contact your Mister Muffler repair shop!

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