6 tips for driving uphill

When driving uphill or downhill, the weight of your vehicle has an impact. To stay safe, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind.

  • If the speed limit and road conditions permit, gently accelerate as you approach an incline to give yourself enough forward momentum for the first few metres.
  • Ease off the gas pedal and shift into first or second gear to ascend an incline. This will increase your engine’s RPMs, give you more momentum and prevent the engine from overheating or stalling.
  • Reduce your speed as you reach the top of an incline. This will prevent you from gaining too much speed on the way down. In addition, it’ll give you more time to react to any hidden vehicles, cyclists or road hazards ahead.
  • Shift into a low gear to descend an incline. This will slow down the engine and limit the wear and tear on your brakes.
  • Never completely take your foot off the gas pedal when descending an incline. This could cause you to lose control of your vehicle as the engine is no longer engaged by any gear.
  • Leave about 10 seconds of distance between you and other road users, especially when driving behind a truck or heavy vehicle.

Before heading out on a road trip with several steep hills or sharp climbs, consider having your braking system checked by the experts at Mr. Muffler.

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